About Me



Oh heyyyyy. My name is Supriya and I am just your average 30 something your old gal with face tats. No big deal. Pretty much gangsta AF. Kidding…sorta…I do have face tats…sorta. LOL. I have alopecia which means the thing I don’t have is hair. In 2015 my hair decided the best thing to do was to fall out in clumps. Like what in the actual F. May of 2015 I had a full head of hair, July of 2015 I looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings (minus the scoliosis-esque walk), August of 2015 I looked like the Indian female version of Mr. Clean. In 2016 my eyebrows decided to be followers and leave me too. I asked them, “if your friends jump off a bridge would you too?”. They said “hell yeah man!” and peaced out. Enter face tats—thank you baby Jesus for microblading.  Somewhere in the mix I lost the rest of my body hair. Honestly I feel hashtag blessed for that. If somehow my body goes into remission and I have to shave my legs again, I literally will not even know what to do. I will be like 8th grade Supriya with her first bic.

I decided to start this blog because Alopecia can really be a shitty experience. I mean if there wasn’t a chance my mom was going to read this, Id say it sucks a bag of d*cks. 😉 But at the end of the day, its not a death sentence even on the days where it feels that way mentally. I remember on my worst days…crying…I mean Kim Kardashian ugly meme crying for hours and hours. I probably shed tears at a 1000 tears per hair shed rate. Somehow though, over the span of 2018, something shifted for me. I’m not sure what exactly lead to it, but I had this massive ah ha moment. A Supriya get with the program, YOLO, carpe diem, seize the damn day, you only live fing once kinda moment and changed my attitude. I made a decision to own this disease. I made a decision to be basic as it comes and live my best life everyday. I made a decision to share the shit storm and blessing this disease can be.

Trust me, it wasn’t easy for me to get to this point and I have my good days, my bad days, and my I’ve watched too many episodes of This is Us endless crying days still. I’m a girl who has battled anxiety, depression, and body image issues her whole damn adult life. So everyday is a fight. But my hope is this blog can shine some light on this disease that effects a surprising number of people. I hope that others who are going through any type of hair loss can read this, find some relatable nuggets, laugh here or there, and know you’ve got a baldie boo friend in your corner. So welcome to my world peeps! I must warn you, I am sooo new to blogging and grammar will never be my strong suit. This page, much like myself will be a continuous work in progress. Here goes nothing!!!