Instant Mashed Potato Life

Lately my brain has felt like a pile of mashed potatoes. Not even the tasty kind. More like the kind that was once dehydrated flakes and now has turned into mashed potatoes. 2 blog posts ago I mentioned to you all that my bf has a family member in the hospital. I don’t want to get into the details about who it is and why they are in there. Mostly because it is their business and it is not my struggle to share. Because of this, my life has been on the following schedule for the past 2.5 weeks:  


Time Activity 
3:45AM-3:50AM Wake up (yes you read the time correctly)
4:20AM-4:30AM  Go to gym
4:45AM-6:00AM Workout
6:00AM-6:30AM Get ready for work
6:30AM-7:00AM Drive to work
7:00AM-4:00PM WERK
4:00PM-4:45PM Drive to hospital
5:00PM-6:45PM Hospital visit 
7:00PM-7:20PM Drive home
7:20PM-8:00PM Get situated for the next day–pack gym bag, style wig, pack lunch
8:00PM-8:15PM Make dinner
8:15PM-8:30PM Eat dinner and watch TV
8:30PM-8:45PM Get ready for bed
8:45PM Go to bed


Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. To be clear. I don’t have a problem with any of this. When family needs you, you step up. That is just what you do. It doesn’t change the fact that my brain is worn out. I am an empath to the core and by body soaks up energy like a sponge. Being in the hospital means being surrounded by such an exhausting mix of sad and negative energy day in and day out. Going there everyday means a steady flow of these emotions taking over my body. It’s taken constant work to remind myself that while this is tough, I CANNOT make this about me. It is someone else who is struggling and someone else who is in the hospital fighting. Me not firing on all cylinders is a luxurious problem that anyone in that hospital would trade me ailments for. 


So yeah, I guess this week I am just brain dumping. However I hope this helps you understand why it has been a smidge tougher for me to be as consistent with my Baldie Boo IG page and responding to comments and messages. Forgive me boos!! 


Next week I plan on taking my wig to an AMUSEMENT park. Can we just say a prayer that I don’t get wig snatched by velocity and g-forces? Mmmmkay thanks!! 🙂 Love you guys!

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